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"They were modeled after the race cars of the day and were
almost as noisy."

Nylint's Mite Cars of the Fifties are authentic, die-cast reproductions of
these popular race cars. Included is the Thimble Drome Champion 15
(available in red, yellow and also a Millennium Special Chrome plated
edition) and the Real McCoy Red Head 19 (available in blue only.) These
beautiful racers are as close to the original as you can get and come
complete with reproductions of the actual packaging and instructions.
Nylint 1431 Red Thimble Drome
Nylint 1432 Chrome Thimble Drome Special
Nylint 1433 Yellow Thimble Drome
Nylint 1441 Blue Real McCoy
Nylint Mite Car Multi Pack