SMSA offers custom toy truck programs that can feature unique
tractor-trailer/tanker combinations, paint schemes, wheel imprints,
serial numbering and special packaging. All designed to attractively
display and promote your Corporate/Fleet graphics.
1-800-835-7672 with questions
Paint is non-lead, non-toxic,
baked on enamel for a
lasting finish. Exposed
edges are hemmed.
Wheels are pressed on over
knurled axles. Bearing
surfaces are formed to
support wheels for smooth
Bumpers, exhaust
stacks, fuel tanks
and wheel hubs are
all brightly plated.
Molded or riveted at
points of stress.
All windshields are of a
special formulated
non-shatter resin.
Many of our trucks are available
with an optional refrigeration
unit on the front of the trailer.
Many of our trucks feature
sound and lights. The engine
starts and idles and increases
revs as you move forward. Also
has back-up beep and air horn.